The Swearing-In Ceremony of Daniel Hahn, former Sacramento Police Department Captain, was sworn in as the first African American Chief of Police for the Roseville Police Department.  This is a particularly proud time for all who know him since there has been no African American Chief of Police in Sacramento or Roseville.  In fact, he is the first African American Chief in Placer Country.  He joins the short list of African American Police Chiefs in California, who only recently appointed a female African American Police Chief in Oxnard.  For such a large state, representation is minimal.

This 42-year-old native, made the short list of 6 interviewees out of a list of 62 applicants from a nationwide search.  In January they went through 3 panels comprised of 16 people: 1 technical panel (law enforcement), 1 community panel and 1 panel of reporters, who interviewed them.  All 3 panels had input and critiqued the 6 finalists.  The decision was unanimous, all agreed, your guy is Daniel Hahn.

Chief Hahn is a graduate of POST Command College and FBI National Academy.  He possesses a Masters in Public Administration and Bachelors in Business from Sacramento State University.  Chief Hahn is also the recipient of many unit, program and individual awards.

The March 4, 2011 Swearing-in Ceremony saw a high level of regional representation from Placer, Rocklin, Citrus Heights Police Departments.  2 former Mayors of Roseville, 1 former Roseville Police Chief.  California Police Officer Standards and Training (POST), Director of State Police, retired U.S. Marshall, Twin Rivers Police Department, Sacramento Police Officers Association, two Sacramento City Council members, one Sacramento Asst. City Manager, 5 Superior Court judges from Placer County and Sacramento and the Roseville Chamber of Commerce.  Roseville Police Captain Stefan Moore recognized the attending dignitaries.  Roseville Mayor Pauline Roccucci welcomed everyone.  Part of the invocation said, “…the margin for error is much too small, the risk is far to great.  As police officers, guardians of public welfare we cannot fail…”

Roseville City Manager Ray Kerridge stated, “The vision for Roseville is one city open for business; moving from urban to metropolitan.  That is why the police chief is so important to Roseville.  Chief Hahn has dedicated his career to community policing.  As we grow, it is important to have a police chief that knows what’s coming and can prepare for what we’re facing.”

In front of a packed theater, half of whom were City of Sacramento and Sacramento Police Department employees, Daniel Hahn took the oath of office administered by Sacramento County superior Court Judge Troy Nunley.  After the oath, his wife Katrina pinned on his badge with daughters Francesca and Faith beside them.

Next were Chief Hahn’s remarks, “All of the dignitaries here shows we’re one team who works together.  I am honored to have the Mayor and entire City Council here.  I stand here because my mom Mary Jean Hahn, my life-long girl, my hero is the most selfless person I know.  She taught us, myself and my siblings: Rennie, Tim and Martha to serve and care for others.  I have an amazing and supportive family.  My wife has sacrificed so much for us, only teaching part-time, so that I may work the long hours I work and my two daughters, who I think are the prettiest little girls in the world, Francesca Jean and Faith Elizabeth.  When I told them I was getting a new job, Francesca said I couldn’t do that because I was a policeman and I wear a uniform.  I told her I would still wear a uniform and she said I still couldn’t because I wouldn’t have the same office.  She likes to come to my office and draw on the whiteboard.  I promised her I would have one in my new office too.  She still said no and later checked with my boss to make sure I will have one, Ray you’re on notice,” he joked.

“I have had tremendous mentors, Rick Jones, Ernie Daniels and many more too many to name.  It takes a village to raise a cop.  There was no better neighborhood than Oak Park to grow up in.  You knew everyone and had many second mothers.  In my 23 years at the Sacramento Police Department I worked with great officers like John Banks and Lisa Hinz.  I thank all of you and I will never forget these lessons.”

“I have talked to many people here in Roseville and notice a tremendous pride.  The goal of the police department is not just to preserve the quality of life but also to expand it.  We must work together, all of us as a city.  We will continue to strive to keep Roseville great.  We don’t want to be the best in the country but we will be the best for Roseville.  I am honored and excited.  Thanks for coming out today.”

Written and submitted by Senior Staff Writer, Donna Ramos


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