Young Professionals of the Greater Sacramento Urban LeagueThe networking mixer that was put on by the Young Professionals (YP) of the Greater Sacramento Urban League ( was a classy event that was hosted at the Zocalo’s Restaurant off of Capitol Avenue. An eclectic range of people from many professions attended. The restaurant’s environment was soft and mellow in easing a long day’s work for people to relax and network. People’s energy filled the air above the sea of smiles. The excitement of the raffle prizes had every one crossing their fingers in hope that their number would be called. The prizes were thoughtful quality gifts that were appreciated by the winners. As every one was enjoying themselves, a brief question was asked about California ’s current economic situation.

"What do you think about the state of California offering IOU’s to the people for tax refunds?"

Delilah Clay (Public Policy Analyst California Medical Association): I just want to see legislatures do the right thing in balancing the budget. Many people put their faith into this system and it would be a shame if it let them down.

Kerri Sheppard (3rd year law student): Can I get an IOU for the money I owe them?

Lamark (Sport) Barclay (President of the Young Professionals, Urban League): It’s disappointing…I work hard all year long and pay my taxes and expect my reimbursement at the end of the year. This is an American benefit to give to the state and get back what is due.

Darryl Lucien (Office of Assembly Member Carter): I accept it because of the crisis. A lot of people are going to depend on the refund and it is going to hurt the lower social economic status (people in lower tax brackets).

Jason Arroyo (Assistant Vice President Business Banker at Wells Fargo): The government demands their money and if we do not pay on time, we get penalized for what we owe. This does not seem fair or right.

Brandon Quinn (Business Banker at Wells Fargo): A lot of people get paid well to figure out the budget. Look at how much the pinch to put in their pocket. Their salaries should be reduced.

Jasmine Cardenas (YP Staff): Can I get an IOU for my bills? I’m going to tell SMUD I owe you when I get my bill. When I get my money, you’ll get yours… she says jokingly or is she?

Mia Orr (YP Staff and Legislature): Mmm… Sorry, no comment… conflict of interest.

Neketia Brown (Model/Actress/MC-Host): It’s a catch 22. I see both sides. We are in a crisis right now and the only way to fix this problem is to attack it with money.

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