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Issue 11/4/2022: Stop The Hate NEWS UPDATE

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Hate Crimes Among Communities Of Color Are On The Rise.

The Stop The Hate Campaign issues a call to African Americans to share their personal stories with regard to hate crimes and incidents.


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Moving Targets: How Sacramento Unified School District Fails to Protect Teachers & Administrators of Color

Since 2020, racism has been at an all-time high, becoming a hotbed for many discussions on understanding our place in society as people of color. While finding our position has always been a fight since the days of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, modern-day racial injustice has been seeping its way into our workplaces, personal lives, and educational institutions.

We, as black people, might have experienced racism in one of those categories and more; Dr. Elysse Versher experienced racism in all three simultaneously with detrimental results.

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Attorney General Bonta Discusses Hate Crime Prevention Efforts in California

In October (10/21/22), Journalists from across California met with Attorney General Rob Bonta for a sit-down to discuss the rise in hate crimes plaguing the bay area and other parts of California.

Many questions asked in the press conference highlighted various issues like what is a hate crime and acknowledging the gap between misclassified hate crime incidents. Despite answering many burning questions at the meeting, Bonta gave unsubstantial responses when asked about a time frame for hate crime legislation improvement and the government officials supporting these changes.

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Bringing awareness and introduction to the Stop The Hate campaign at the 14th Annual Exceptional Women of Color (EWOC) Awards & Expo on September 20th at the DoubleTree Hotel in Sacramento.

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Stop the Hate. Spread the Love: California Black Media Campaign Unveiled at Los Angeles Taste of Soul

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Incidents of Hate Crimes Against Blacks Highest in California

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Black And White High School Students Punished For A Mock ‘Slave Auction’

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Stop The Hate Youth Forum Workshop (10/21) presented by the Youth & College Division of California Hawaii NAACP State Conference 10/21-10/23/2022 in Los Angeles https://cahinaacp.org/

Youth in Action advocating for Stop The Hate in Communities of Color. Teenagers and young adults from high schools and colleges gathered for discussing an action plan and coming up with solutions regarding addressing Stop The Hate.

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What is the Difference Between a Hate Crime and a Hate Incident?

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The Stop The Hate campaign is made possible with funding from the California State Library (CSL) in partnership with the California Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs (CAPIAA). The views expressed on this website and other materials produced by Sac Cultural Hub Media Foundation do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the CSL, CAPIAA or the California government. Learn more about the Stop The Hate campaign at: https://capiaa.ca.gov/stop-the-hate/

For the next year we will publish news stories in THE HUB Magazine, on Sacculturalhub.com as well as release videos on all Sac Cultural Hub social media platforms with a series of articles focusing on recognizing hate crimes among communities of color throughout California with thought-provoking interviews.

If you are of African descent (Black / African American) living in California, and you have survived a hate crime or incident, or you are a family member of someone who lost their life to a hate crime, and would like to share your story or testimony with THE HUB, e-mail contact@sacculturalhub.com or call 916-234-3589.

With your help, THE HUB can attempt to be apart of solutions that heal the community while forging ahead to stop the hate. Thank you!

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