The 2021 Critics Choice Awards are March 7. This is also the third of six days of voting by academy members for the Oscar nominations. That roster will be revealed on March 15 and the 93rd Academy Awards are on April 25.  Over their 25-year history these prizes bestowed by the Critics Choice Association have previewed 14 Best Picture Oscar winners as well as 20 Best Director, 17 Best Actor, 14 Best Actress, 15 Supporting Actor and 18 Supporting Actress champs.

The  (CCA) is the largest critics organization in the United States and Canada, representing more than 400 television, radio and online critics and entertainment reporters. It was established in 2019 with the formal merger of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and the Broadcast Television Journalists Association, recognizing the blurring of the distinctions between film, television, and streaming content.

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