The San Francisco 49ers defense has insight into the New Orleans Saints offense thanks to Jonathan Goodwin. Goodwin played three years in the Saints offense and knows it well.

The current 49ers center can no doubt provide valuable information by looking at the New Orleans’ film and easily decipher what changes have been made since his recent departure from the team last year.
Goodwin was a starting center for the Saints prior to signing three-year deal with the 49ers as a free agent in 2011.
The information he possesses on formations, audible calls and familiarity with defensive line schemes could genuinely comeback to haunt the Saints in the divisional playoff game against the 49ers.
San Francisco has a definite edge by playing on their home field grass versus the fast track at the New Orleans Super Dome, and now the have a little more information as to what to expect from their opponents’ game plan.
Saints head coach Sean Payton and quarterback Drew Brees have been working together for many years in their complex offense, in which, Goodwin was a critical factor in their success.
The chess match just got a little bit more difficult to maneuver in this weekend’s division matchup between the Saints and the 49ers, but it always helps to have an extra king in the game named Goodwin.
Written and submitted by Mike Walker (


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