Before he wrote songs and founded Motown Records, Berry Gordy Jr. was a boxer. That was in the late ’40s, when he was a teen in Detroit.

At 83, he’s still got the moves. He can take a jab, he can feint, thrust and punch. Verbally, at least.

“The musical numbers set the theater on fire,” Time Out said. The New York Times called it “dramatically slapdash but musically vibrant.” Variety also gave it a seesaw review, saying the story lacked “shape, depth, thematic point or dramatic continuity” but that audiences would be pleased, as “this jubilant jukebox musical comes loaded with great singers, tons of energy, and dozens of classic Motown roof-raisers.”

“I’m never happy with mixed reviews,” Gordy said by phone from Los Angeles. “What makes me happy is the response from people who pay the money. They leave the show happy.”

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