Our Senior Staff Writer, Donna Ramos shares her interview with Kerri Herndon “Coach Kerri” who is the author of a new book entitled “Simply Me, Taking off the Mask Through Effectual Prayer”. In addition to being an author, she is a speaker, transformation coach and counselor. Ms. Herndon wants all women to live life on purpose through personal development, she desires us to design the life you love. This can be accomplished by breaking the silence of shame and secrecy through prayer. Her book is “For any woman struggling to let go of past failures, bad relationships, mistakes; having feelings of emptiness and unfulfillment. She was born and raised in Sacramento, moved to Florida for a couple of years and then returned to Sacramento. Ms. Herndon has been married for 7 years to her husband Kevin and the couple have 3 sons, Elijah 18, Aristin 5 and Dimitrius 18 months. Her favorite vacation spot is right outside of Pacific Grove, California where she indulges in a 2 hour horseback ride along the beach with her husband. They stay in a bed and breakfast on the beach where they wake up to see and smell it.

THE HUB: How long have you been writing?
HERNDON: Since elementary school, I wrote as a child but never saw myself as an author. I love to create, Im a very creative, imaginative person. I love to draw and write short stories. If I got in trouble and had to go to my room that was fine with me because I wrote and drew. I started writing poetry in my 20’s, I moved to Florida for a while and was in a place of “I’m finding me” and I heard words. I constantly carried notebooks with me. At any point I could write, like a 15 minute break at work, I can see God’s beauty, it’s like he is talking to me.

THE HUB: How did you get started writing this anthology of memoirs? When did you decide to share them with others?
HERNDON: It was divinely inspired, I was scared but God started speaking to me, he told me to write the book “Simply Me”, but it was not about me myself, but women. He said it’s more than a book it’s a movement of who I created and called them to be. You’re a leader inside of your environment, speaking to women is a passion of mine. I give workshops at churches, for example The Queenmaker Series: Identifying and developing the woman inside you.” I talk about things not usually spoken about in church, especially among our women of color, things people believe are taboo. We talk about finding our purpose and entrepreneurship but not what’s hindering us. After identifying what these are barriers, I began to identify what were barriers for me and discussed that with other women.

THE HUB: What is the book’s ultimate goal?
HERNDON: To assist women with emotional healing and spiritual growth through the power of prayer.

THE HUB: How have these tools you are giving to others helped you?
HERNDON: It has helped me in understanding as the scripture says, that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Each one of the tools and resources given are something I used that helped me to understand. My security and significances come through understanding and knowledge of who God created us to be. For someone to not feel they’re beautiful or who I am is not enough; trying to always measure up. We can all start by acknowledging these limits exist and destroying this limiting belief systems through meditating on the word of God and using strategic yet powerful prayers to overcome the limits. This is not just a one time thing because you’re recreating and building character. My books signings are called a time of reconnecting and restoring. You are reconnecting to the woman who God created you to be; understanding it is a process. You are restoring what is true about you, that woman you are spending time with God and deepening your understanding of who he created us to be and that is where its power is. All of this helps you to be able to take that mask off and really be who he created us to be and be free of that old, limiting belief system.

THE HUB: A friend is asked to describe you in only 3 words, what words do they use?
HERNDON: Tenacious, driven, compassionate.

THE HUB: What is your favorite saying?
HERNDON: Create the life you love on purpose.

Ms. Herndon is on a mission to get all women to heal, identify what is holding them back and get beyond those limits to be the woman God created us all to be and to draw closer to him through prayer.

Her book is available online at: www.SimplyMeonline.info

Book signings: June 18, 2011 in Oakland, CA, Technical Auditorium, 4351 Broadway and at the end of June at Exquisite U Hair Salon,
1445 Fulton Avenue, Sacramento in California



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