Photo Courtesy MasterClass
Photo Courtesy MasterClass

“There’s one thing that all great shooters have in common, and that’s complete control over their mechanics,” Steph Curry tells me. “That’s not something your’e born with, you have to practice it. Being great in competition means relentlessly focusing on the small things.”

Only Curry isn’t speaking to me in person. He’s my online instructor for the site MasterClass, in which big names like Gordon Ramsay (cooking), Shonda Rhimes (writing for TV), Helen Mirren (acting) and others become professors. With a one-time payment of $90, I had Curry speaking right to me at home and so I could learn from the guy with PhD in hoopology.

I decided to try out the class to rate him as a professor – can a superstar with his acumen and IQ translate that and teach a YMCA or playground player how to play like him?

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