Photo credit: Disney
Photo credit: Disney

Disney has been on a roll with its live-action remakes of its animated classics, and the studio is continuing this trend with director Jon Favreau’s upcoming The Lion King remake. The film has assembled an impressive star-studded cast so far, consisting of reputable actors like Alfre Woodard, James Earl Jones, Donald Glover, Seth Rogen and Chiwetel Ejiofor. That’s an impressive lineup of actors who’ll undoubtedly be able to carry the weight of the film on their shoulders. But there’s still one performer whom we’ve been dying to see join this cast: Beyoncé.

Back in March, Variety reported that #Disney was interested in having the singer play Nala, Simba’s trustworthy companion. Nothing came out of that report, but our hopes were raised once again when, five months later, The Tracking Board revealed that Queen Bey was in final negotiations to join the film. Once again, things went quiet and we still haven’t heard any news since that report came out. People have been understandably quite confused over her involvement as a result of that media silence, and now, we’ve gotten an idea of just how much people want to see Beyoncé in the remake.

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