(Photo: Justin Ford, USA TODAY Sports)
(Photo: Justin Ford, USA TODAY Sports)

It’s quiet here at the Final Four, with no LaVar Ball around to stir things up.

He has no reason to be, with his son, Lonzo, and UCLA not here. There’s no De’Aaron Fox or Malik Monk, either, now that Kentucky’s out. Oregon’s high-powered offense took away our opportunity to see Josh Jackson and Kansas on this stage, too. Jayson Tatum has been twiddling his thumbs at home for two weeks, since Duke’s shocking loss to South Carolina. Washington’s Markelle Fultz didn’t even go dancing at all.

No, there are no one-and-done superstars here at a most unexpected Final Four. This stage will not be graced by any of the likely top-five NBA draft picks. Instead, we’ll have four teams — North Carolina, Gonzaga, Oregon and South Carolina — that are led by upperclassmen. Some are veterans of the NCAA tournament, some aren’t. But they’re all old for a sport which tends to skew young.

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