Gloria Estefan says she had her daughter Emily’s back before she came out.

“We had no clue,” the “Bad Boy” singer said about Emily being gay in a clip from a new episode of “Red Table Talk: The Estefans” that features her, Emily and Gloria’s niece, Lili.

“You say, ‘How could we not have known?’ It’s not like I didn’t suspect at some moments,” Estefan said.

“I remember being in my bedroom and I remember telling you, ‘Mama, are you gay?'” Estefan continued. “‘Do you want to carry the gay flag, because if you want, I will get on that parade float with you and I will carry that flag.'”

Estefan said her daughter denied she was gay.

“And at that moment, you said to me, ‘Mom, I’m not gay.’ Because that wasn’t the word in your mind for who you were,” she said.

“I was also figuring out who I am,” Emily responded.

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