Jeff Kravitz, FilmMagic for MTV
Jeff Kravitz, FilmMagic for MTV

Halle Berry is welcoming life at 50 and letting the world know it.

When the actress and former Bond girl reached that milestone birthday Aug. 14, she posted a stunning outdoor shot on her Instagram account, in which she wears little more than a lace cover-up and a big smile.

“With open arms I welcome 50 … I’m so blessed to be here,” Berry wrote in the post.

It’s a message that Berry wants to continue to send out on social media. That’s why she chose the photo, taken on a recent vacation in the desert, to mark the occasion.

“I said ‘What do I want to say about my 50th birthday?’ ” Berry told USA TODAY during a phone conversation. “I’m now into the whole world of social media and realizing that it’s my platform to say whatever I want to say. I love it. So I just wanted to let every one of my fans know I am embracing 50.”

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