times more often than white women? Blacks make up 12% of the U.S. population but 50% of new AIDS cases? Black males aged 13 and older account for 42% of HIV/AIDS cases among all men? HIV is a leading cause of death  among Blacks 24-44? Undiagnosed HIV infection is responsible for over 50% of new ifections each year?


  • Get informed and get involved. Build awareness by having straight talks about HIV/AIDS in your family, school, neighborhood and church.
  • Get tested! Know your status and your partner’s. Call 914-6253 to set up a free, confidential, rapid HIV test.
  • Get treatment.  If you are HIV positive, CARES can help you get the care you need.  You will not be denied care ifyou cannot pay.  Call (916) 443-3299 for more information.
  • Get support.  Visit www.caresclinic.org to find out how CARES can help you get the support and services you need.

Community safety message from: Center for AIDS Research, Education & Services (CARES)

1500 21st Street, Sacramento, CA  95811  |  Phone: (916) 914-6253  |  www.caresclinic.org


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