Photo via Getty / Instagram
Photo via Getty / Instagram

Naomi Campbell is in her underwear.

The supermodel isn’t shy about telling me just that when the first question I ask her over the phone is “What are you wearing?”

“Right now I’m wearing a white [Azzedine] AlaÏa shirt,” Campbell tells The Post as she’s about to change into her workout gear. “On the bottom, I’m just in my underwear.”

With only Zoom and other video conferencing calls to worry about during the stay-at-home lockdown, Campbell now only dresses from the waist up sometimes. But that face is still fierce and flawless in her new daily YouTube series, “No Filter With Naomi,” which premiered Monday. The show features Campbell chatting with guests such as Cindy Crawford, Marc Jacobs and Nicole Richie — from her home to theirs.

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