By Michael P Coleman

Late last winter, I was given the opportunity to learn what SHRA was all about, when I was invited to interview two members of the agency’s leadership team. As I drove to their offices in downtown Sacramento that sunny pre-COVID morning, I didn’t realize that I would be conducting what will most likely be my final face-to-face interviews of 2020.

My first chat was with La Shelle Dozier, SHRA’s Executive Director. As we greeted each other on that early March morning, Dozier offered a customary handshake. At the end of our time together, as we stood up from that conference room table, she drew me in for a warm hug. Ours had been a substantive, moving conversation, and while it was not standard business practice, I think we both felt that the other needed something more than just a handshake.

Between the handshake and the hug, Dozier spoke with a palpable zeal about her phenomenal team and their work in Northern California. It had been a long time since I had been so moved during an interview.

Minutes later, I sat down with Tyrone Roderick Williams, SHRA’s Deputy Executive Director – Development. Williams exudes positivity, displays seemingly boundless energy — and as hard as it was to believe, Williams insisted that he doesn’t consume caffeine. After you get to know him, you’ll understand why that’s so hard to believe!

Read MPC’s full column with features on Dozier and Williams.  Hear about the incredible work that SHRA is doing in our community.

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