The film, “Mooz-lum”, starring Evan Ross, Nia Long, Summer Bashil and Danny Glover, is the story of “Tarik Ross, ” a young boy raised in a strict Muslim faith who finds himself suddenly in the secular world when he goes off to college.  He encounters a plethora of new experiences that cause internal conflict with his faith.  Tariq’s struggles are compounded when he awakes on the morning of September 11th, 2001, as reports of a supposed attack by Muslim “extremists” propagate the Pop media.  Tariq’s earlier innocuous environment quickly becomes hostile.  Basir’s legacy will likely exceed Mooz-lum, but at this point he’s kept his pact with Allah (God) that he would “do more” in turn for the opportunity that is life. 

Mooz-lum opened in selected theatres in February 2011.  Writer/Director Qasim Basir was inspired to write the story of a young Muslim in America – pre and post 9/11 – after he received an awakening by way of a near death experience.

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