Sacramento Charter High School is at it again. Once more they did what they do best; preparing college bound student-athletes. On Wednesday, November 14, 2012 such talent was on display as three of the Sacramento regions best basketball athletes signed their national college letters of intent.

In front of flashing cameras, and with attentive staff, parents, and fellow peers on hand, Allie Green, Casey Williams, and De’Von Boyd embodied the level of talent being nurtured at Sacramento Charter High School.

As part of the St. HOPE Public Schools, Sac High focuses on students from low income minority backgrounds. Along with high athletic standards the school imposes tough academic levels of preparation.  SHPS and Sac High prepares them with a high-quality, rigorous college preparatory education that has all been but lost in many of our educational institutions. With these realities at hand all three individuals aim at pursuing their dreams.

Allie Green will take her 3.4 GPA to Pepperdine University. De’Von Boyd who boasts a 3.5 academic average will go to Honolulu, Hawaii where he will play at Chaminade University, while Casey Williams will head off to Southern California where she will attend Cal State Fullerton in the fall of 2013.

At the signing ceremony, both Coach Michele Massari and Coach Derek Swafford spoke highly about their prospects and reminded those in attendance about the importance of hard work both in education and in competition.

Coach Swafford was adamant and drove his point across much like he teaches all of his athletes to do, stating:

“I don’t think young people understand that competition is not knowledge….you see the thrill, you see all the things that you get with competition but you don’t see the hard work. What you are seeing here today is hard work,” as he pointed to all three basketball players.

With tears in their eyes mixed with ear-to-ear grins, Boyd, Green, and Williams basked in the spotlight; rightfully so.

Swafford a staple amongst the high school basketball coaching elite added, “On any day you can look on the television and see one of our graduates playing.”

While most academic institutions would be content with simply producing a college athlete, Coach Swafford continued his remarks by highlighting not only the jump shots but the programs’ successful student-athlete track record.

“That’s number 13 for us, with 9 graduates that went to college, played at a high level and graduated; and that’s what I’m most proud of,” as the crowd erupted into cheers and applauds.

Submitted by Contributing Writer, Marco A. Lopez


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