(Photo: Parrish Lewis)
(Photo: Parrish Lewis)

Legendary director Spike Lee says that when he declared he wasn’t going to attend the 2016 Oscars, he wasn’t trying to start a “boycott.”

“Here’s the thing. I have never used the word boycott,” Lee said on Wednesday’s episode of Good Morning America. “All 

The reasons Lee is referring to have to do with the nominations for Hollywood’s biggest award show, which, for the second year in a row, contained no people of color in any of the acting categories, and only a smattering represented in the rest of the categories. Fans, some people in the media and even members of the Academy have spoken out on the subject, which has spawned cries of “#OscarsSoWhite.”said was my beautiful wife Tonya, we’re not coming. That’s it, and I gave the reasons. I never used the word boycott.”

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