Pleshette Robertson, Chief Editor of THE HUB Magazine had the opportunity to briefly chat with Ledisi who will be performing live this Sunday, July 22, 2012 at the Woodlake Hotel in Sacramento.  CLICK HERE to purchase tickets Be Good To Yourself…B.G.T.Y. Tour featuring LEDISI with special guest, Eric Benet.
THE HUB: How do you feel about returning to Sacramento to perform live in concert?
Ledisi: Great I love Sac…very nice people…they come all the time with a line wrapped around the building.
THE HUB: Where are you originally from?
Ledisi: New Orleans and raised in Oakland.
THE HUB: When did you start singing?
Ledisi: Started singing a long time ago…watching my mother perform and wanting to be like her.
THE HUB: One word that describes your music?
Ledisi: Soul
THE HUB: What is your personal style?
Ledisi: Natural, classy, and sexy…more like Betty-Boop (laughs) …tongue and cheek…that kind of sexy, not the kind we describe these days.
THE HUB: What are some of your musical influences?
Ledisi: Aretha Franklin – she can see anything, any genre as well as Marvin Gaye
THE HUB: What is it like to be famous and people knowing who you are throughout the world?
Ledisi: Don’t know (laughs)… getting used to it and people wanting autographs. I keep forgetting what that (famous) is. My manager keeps reminding me and I’m trying to embrace all that. I go to a mall and I forget and next thing you know I get surrounded by a bunch of people so I’m grasping what that (famous) means.  Now when I see Patti Labelle, I become a groupie and I see what that means. It’s okay for me to act like that (laughs).
THE HUB: What is your typical work day?
Ledisi: Starts around  6 am with interviews, soundcheck, prep for the show, do all the things I want to do through 12 noon. Start signing autographs and then on the bus by 1:30 pm and off to the next city to start all over again and that’s how it has been for the past month.
THE HUB: What is the slogan that you live?
Ledisi: Everyday I tell myself I’m beautiful because the world says something different!
I enjoyed talking with Ledisi as she is such a humble and beautiful lady.  Did you know that “Ledisi” means “to bring forth” or “to come here” in Yoruba. Ledisi is well known for her jazz influenced vocals. Check out her new book, Essence presents Ledisi Better Than Alright: Finding Peace, Love & Power available online at and in stores now. Visit


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