Photo Courtesy TheArtHype
Photo Courtesy TheArtHype

Black love is absolutely beautiful in every shade, at every age and stage and in every form. It’s just that simple. How we love is about who we are, what we value and why we love our partners so fiercely and so deeply. It’s why we cherish our bonds, make vows to each other and proudly build upon these legacies of love. Falling in love ain’t easy and staying in love is even harder, but when we do (and oh do we!), the results are powerful and magnificently beautiful in every way.

On Valentine’s Day, with help from one of our favorite photographers, DC-based visual storyteller Dayo AKA Mr. Hype, of theARThype, we introduced you to eight beautiful couples who shared their moving love stories with us and even offered their own secrets to making love work.

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