Screenshot courtesy of Flaunt | VERSACE dress and BRUNO MAGLI heels

Tracee Ellis Ross | The Phases of Self-Exploration, The Phases of Joy

While carving her own path in Hollywood, wowing the fashion world, and never resting on name or looks, Tracee Ellis Ross has put in thousands of hours of work to achieve her success. Giving, grateful, funny, and focused, she’s in high demand for she can do it all. Ross demonstrates her versatility with two new feature films dropping this winter: American Fiction (with Jeffrey Wright) and Candy Cane Lane (with Eddie Murphy). Now we rewind 25 years and start this story at the inception of both FLAUNT and Ross’ career…

But of course, before a deeper dive, this particular instance asks a noteworthy question: What is it like to be ‘born famous?’ Ross knows first-hand. Her parents are the legendary musician Diana Ross and music producer Robert Ellis Silberstein. It might be assumed that for Ross, show-business success was a given. But that’s not quite the way it worked, and the thousands of hours will attest. While interviewing the actor, I found her unaffected and straightforward. This is despite—or as she explains—because of the way she was raised.

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