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Why are Black rappers aligning themselves with the right?

Ice Cube has joined a long list of rappers who have cuddled up with conservative pundits and politicians

Scrolling through Twitter a couple of weeks ago, I came across a clip of rightwing commentator Tucker Carlson interviewing a face I never thought I’d see on his platform: Ice Cube.

As in Fuck Tha Police Ice Cube.

“What planet am I on right now?” I found myself thinking.

In a two-part segment, Ice Cube and Carlson commiserated about cancel culture and cast doubt on the safety of the Covid vaccine. “It was six months, kind of a rush job and I didn’t feel safe,” Ice Cube said about his widely-publicized resistance to the Covid shot. He also claimed that he’s been banned from appearing on the talkshows The View and Oprah because he is too much of an “independent thinker”.

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