Photo Courtesy Associated Press
Photo Courtesy Associated Press

Chris Rock has returned to the small screen with a new Netflix stand-up special, “Tamborine,” in which the comedian talks about his porn addiction, cheating on his wife and pokes fun at President Trump and police violence. 

In the special that debuted on Wednesday, Rock begins his 64-minute set by taking a stab at police brutality.

“You would think that cops would occasionally shoot a white kid just to make it look good,” Rock starts. “You’d think every couple of months they’d look at their dead n—a calendar and go… ‘Oh my God, we’re up to 16! We gotta shoot a white kid quick!”

On the stage at the Brooklyn Academy of music, Rock jokes that as an African-American he feels obligated to hate the cops, but then admits that sometimes he needs the security of law enforcement. 

“On one hand, I’m a black man who’s like, ‘F— the police.’ On the other hand, I own property, so when my house gets broken into I’m not calling the Crips,” he jokes.

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