Legacy Home Loans (https://myhomelegacy.com/) is pleased to announce the arrival of the new Originating Branch Manager, Juan Lashley to the Sacramento regional office! Juan Lashley has been coordinating and promoting loan approvals for more than 21 years. He has worked primarily with banks so far throughout his career. Juan began at Chase Bank, then Country Wide, Providence, Met Life Home Loans, and Prospect Mortgage.

His journey in home loans has led him to Legacy Home Loans. Legacy’s mission statement speaks to his affinity for people of color. “To empower the African American community throughout the U.S. with a focus on building sustainable wealth through homeownership and leaving family legacies.” Juan brings his vast experience in conventional financing, FHA financing, VA financing, GSFA (Golden State Finance Authority) – open door, GSFA platinum, and CalHFA. He can utilize these various ways to help people get into a home, so they can start building wealth through homeownership, and leaving family legacies.

Juan’s niche is to serve people of color and all of the underserved. “I strive to provide homeownership for people who have basically (historically) been locked of homeownership.” Juan is the first Vice-President of Sacramento Realtist Association-SA (https://www.sacramentorealtist.com/). This is a minority Real Estate trade organization that has been around for 73 years to rally for the rights for African American Real Estate Professionals to sell homes. Juan has been on the board of the Sacramento Realtist Association (SRA) and has the expressed goal to become President within the next 2 years.  

Mr. Lashley plans to reach out to his community to recruit people for jobs at Legacy. He is seeking to fill positions such as Underwriters, Loan Processors, Jr. Loan Officers, Loan Set-up Coordinators and Loan Closers. Juan states that no formal education or experience will be required. However, there will be specified testing to be opted into a Loan Officer’s position. Juan will prefer candidates to come with no prior knowledge, a clean slate of sorts, so that he can teach good habits to the next generation and bring them into the business to create wealth for themselves.

Juan sees in the future for himself and Legacy exponential growth, name recognition and helping families build generational wealth through homeownership. He ultimately wants to help families to leave legacies, as in the name Legacy Home Loans. Juan is a proud native of Sacramento and he lives with his wife, Amber Lashley, of 20 years and daughter, Alexis Lashley, age 7.

For more information about home loans and/or job opportunities with Legacy Home Loans, contact Juan Lashley at: (916) 549-3997.


About Legacy Home Loans

Legacy Home Loans is a dba of Panorama Mortgage Group, LLC an Equal Housing Lender and an Equal Opportunity Employer, is headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. Ben Slayton is the President & CEO of Legacy Home Loans. Slayton is a 54-year veteran of the mortgage industry who has built several Mortgage, and Mortgage-related companies, and sold them to publicly traded companies. Slayton was the first Black REALTOR® in America, the first Black broker/owner of a CENTURY 21 franchise, the first Freddie Mac Multifamily Program Plus Seller/Servicer in the U.S., and he is a member of the Panorama Mortgage Group, Board of Directors. Slayton is opening branch locations in every major U.S. city that has 25% or more African American population, with the average, home sales prices of $150,000 or higher and with the city’s median family income of $50,000 or higher. To date, Slayton has strategically placed branch offices in Atlanta, GA; Baton Rouge, LA; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Los Angeles, CA; and now Oakland, CA; and Sacramento, CA.  

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