On July 1, 2013, several changes to residential garbage, recycling and yard waste services will take effect in the City of Sacramento, according to the City’s Recycling and Solid Waste Division.

All residential customers will reportedly receive weekly containerized yard waste collection. Customers who do not have a yard waste container will receive one in June and a reminder notice will be sent prior to delivery. For customers who need more than one container, call 311.

Starting July 2013, all residential customers will be provided on appointment per year for the free pickup of any bulky items. Appointments can be made by dialing 311 and pickup dates will be available for July through October 2013.

Also starting July 1, all residential customers will be on either an A week or B week schedule for every other week recycling collection. In May, customers will receive their A or B designation by mail. Or look up your recycling schedule by clicking here.

And service days will change in some neighborhoods, with new routes having been created based on the recycling and yard waste collection changes. Notifications will be sent to residential customers in May and new service dates will start July 1, 2013. Check your current and post July 1 service days online by clicking here.

For more information, click here.

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