Sacramento, Calif. (December 27, 2017)–Sac Cultural Hub Media Foundation (SCHMF) is excited to launch Sistahs Saving Sistahs (SSS) Transportation HUB website (, a dedicated website connecting women of color to breast cancer awareness resources, education forums, and transportation. Through the SSS website these direct services will be offered: transportation at no-cost to patient and non patient appointments for screenings, mammograms, psychological counseling, hair treatment services, chemotherapy and radiation treatment and/or other referral services in the Greater Sacramento Valley Region; breast cancer awareness resources and links to clinical information, and breast cancer education through our forums with expert speakers and physicians to increase dialogue, provide social/emotional support, and sharing healthy lifestyle choices. 

“Free transportation and help getting to and from medical appointments is not something you hear very often. Sometimes relatives and friends are not always able to be available with providing rides for treatment or scheduled appointments”, stated Pleshette Robertson, CEO & Executive Director of Sac Cultural Hub Media Foundation. Our organization has teamed up with our partner, iHug – the Official Rideshare for Healthcare® where rides are trusted, on-time, and professional.   Once you make your request online through our SSS website, we will provide you with information to arrange your ride with iHug of which can be done by: downloading the iHug app via your phone or you can call them at:  (888) 736-9788.

Your breast health matters and starts with getting the proper screening. “We are thrilled to partner with Susan G. Komen to elevate public understanding of breast cancer, dispel misperceptions, combat stigma and expand the breast cancer conversation to be more inclusive of triple negative and metastatic breast cancer “stated Pleshette.  “Furthermore it is critical for SCHMF to reach and connect with women of color in need of these services who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, who are breast cancer survivors, and who are 40 years and older.”

Log onto to learn more about all of the resources available that include how and when you should seek breast cancer screenings and or treatment in your area.

The SSS program is a special project of the Sac Cultural Hub Media Foundation funded by Susan G. Komen® Northern and Central California and Susan G. Komen® Circle of Promise® California Initiative.   “Our goal is to reduce breast cancer morbidity and mortality among African American women by improving annual breast cancer screening compliance, increasing early detection rates, decreasing the late stage diagnosis rate, and improving survival rates for metastatic and non-metastatic breast cancer survivors” said Rhonda Smith, Breast Cancer Survivor and Circle of Promise Project Consultant.   Support for the Susan G. Komen® Circle of Promise® California Initiative is made possible in part by a grant from the Anthem Blue Cross Foundation, LLC. The project was designed to provide health education, transportation assistance to breast screening/Dr. appointments and resources to the minority and underserved population in Northern California.

The overall mission of Sistahs Saving Sistahs is to provide information that saves lives of women of color. Log onto



About Sac Cultural Hub Media Foundation (SCHMF) — was created in 2003 to develop programs that mentor young adults and women of color in under-served communities. SCHMF has implemented programs in partnership with corporations and businesses to promote mentorship, higher education, provide entrepreneurship opportunities, further diverse partnerships, encourage collaboration in the community, offer educational workshops and exceptional signature events that include: Exceptional Women of Color (EWOC) Networking Brunch Conference, Hub Choice Awards (HCA), and the Black Physicians Forum (BPF).  Our mission is to provide exciting non traditional vehicles of engagement where businesses and non profit organizations can market services and products, mentor those in need, and provide public service information to educate and inspire the urban community. The Foundation’s primary goal is to motivate and empower African American professionals, communities, and youth to thrive and succeed in life.

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