Sacramento Juneteenth “Justice” Essay Contest 2023

Sacramento Juneteenth , Inc has partnered with Sacramento State University to produce the Juneteenth “Justice” Essay Contest on November 18, 2023 at the Brickhouse Gallery & Art Complex. Pan African and Ethnic Studies students will submit essays that define what true “Justice” for all should be. Students will choose from three “Justice” themed topics: Social , Enviromental and Economic Justice. The implication is that there are some who are treated unfairly, students will identify these groups and explain what “Justice” for them should look like.

A panel of judges will review and score the essays. Students will read their essays at the event. All participants will receive cash prizes. The 1st and 2nd place winners will receive larger amounts.

This event is in honor of Dr. David Covin. The late Dr. Covin was the Founding Father of CSUS’s Pan African and Ethnic Studies Departments. He was also instrumental in creating the Cooper- Woodson College Enhancement Program. We request that you attend this free event to support our young people and to pay homage to Dr. David Covin, social justice leader,civil rights advocate,community legend, educator who has left a lasting impression.

E-mail essays to:
Contact Gary Simon (916) 541-2582 for more information.


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