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Sacramento mayor’s race gets ugly as progressive Black woman is urged to quit | Opinion

The head of a Sacramento-based public affairs firm has called on a candidate for mayor to drop out of the race because she allegedly raised too much money too early from too many supporters. Steven Maviglio has no legal standing to force Flojaune Cofer to end her campaign, but in a broader sense, this skirmish reveals a bruising power struggle within Sacramento’s city politics.

Cofer is the one truly the grassroots candidate for mayor in that she has not held elective office, in contrast to her noteworthy male competitors. She is a social activist candidate with an extensive background in public health. The former leader of a city advisory committee to oversee the use of “Measure U” sales tax funds, Cofer was an outspoken critic of city decisions to use Measure U funds to supplement the budget of the Sacramento Police Department.

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