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Survey of California Parents Shows Rise in Trauma Among Youth During Pandemic

Since the start of the pandemic, potentially traumatic experiences have been on the rise, especially among children and teenagers. Blue Shield of California’s BlueSky initiative funded a study by the Child Mind Institute to learn more about youth trauma – and how families are coping with it.

There are different kinds of traumatic experiences. Acute trauma is related to a traumatizing event or experience, such as physical or sexual assault, the death of a family member, or a school shooting. Then there are ongoing traumatic experiences, such as poverty, racism, or bullying.

“Trauma-driven anxiety and depression have gotten a lot worse,” said Dr. Michael Enenbach, a Child Mind Institute clinical director, who provides mental health treatment to youth and families. “Not only did young people’s loved ones die, but children can also have a trauma response to the news cycle and social media. What’s more, many youth lost their peer support systems during the pandemic.”

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