Frenchie’s Food is Delicious, Perfect for the Frugal. Frenchie’s Corner Cafe has been around for 13 years.  The cafe used to be The Old Sacramento Hotel and the building is now a historical landmark.  The restaurant is unlike any other is has a fresh quaint feel to it that you will notice as soon as you pull up.  It is owned by Calvary Christian Center.  Benda, the manager, was a stay-at-home mom for 12 years.  She had a prior job in hospitality for six years as a concierge.  Brenda has been a member of the church for six years and the manager of Frenchie’s for the past two years.  Her husban has since renovated the restaurant.  It is very comfortable and spacious, and the waitresses are very professional courteous.

As you enter the cafe you will notice the memoirs of several profeional boxers, featuring Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson, Marvin Hagler and many more, including Pastor Goudeaux himself.  Hanging from the television ar a pair of the pastor’s very own boxing gloves.  A fan once yelled out and called him “Frenchie,” and the name stuck.  Hence: Frenchie’s Corner Cafe. 

The menu is a combination of recipes from Brenda (the manager) and the pastor’s wife Lady Brenda Goudeaux.  I asked the staff to bring me a sampler plate.  The presentation was beautiful with vibrant colors.  I had barbecue ribs, which were very moist and flavorful.  I had a scrumptious helping of hot wings with just the right amount of kick.  However, it was hard to be proper while eating them!

I like fish, but I am by no means a fish connoisseur–shellfish is my thing.  I had a portion of snapper that was flaky and crispy at the same with a wonderful tast.  I had the regular snapper, there is a “Pastor’s snapper,” if you dare, that’s hot and spicy.  The yaps were seasoned very well; it reminded me of a delicious sweet potato pie without the crust.  The meal also comes with cornbread made from scratch.  The beverage you receive is a very generous size. 

For ou vegetarians, Brenda joined me for lunch as she sat down with a “veggie crunch,” a delicious-looking sandwich.  It’s hard for me to find a peach cobbler I like as much as mother’s.  Hers had lots of dough, three layers and was not runny or soupy.  Well, I found another one I like just as well.  The peach cobbler is served in a classic little white pot, alone or alamode.  My son, Keo, who is the real critic, loved it too; it didn’t last a minute once I brought it home.

As a frugal coupon clipper, I must say that the prices are extremely reasonable.  Well, between the holidays and these food tastings, my next review might be aone of those diet centers.  Until then, chow!

Submitted by Lesley Leatherwood, Sac Hub News Report and Staff Writer

Frenchie’s Corner Cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Cathering also available.  Located at 2326 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento, CA  95815, (916) 646-3214.


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