7 days a week get southern soul style fried fish and fried chicken at J J’s Chicken & Fish in South Sacramento.  Read the comments (source: yahoo) that one patron, Ms. M from Sacramento had to say on 4/8/09 : “I made my first trip to JJ Fish & Chicken about a month ago and I’ve been about three times altogether. I’m not the biggest fan of fish in general and particularly don’t like to eat it unless I or my mother cooked it, so I’ve stuck with the chicken each time. I get the four wings which come with french fries and cole slaw. Everything is pretty good to me but nothing I’ve eaten so far has been amazing. The chicken is pretty well seasoned, they give you more fries than the law should allow, and unfortunately, the tiniest container of cole slaw or potato salad possible. Two of the three times I’ve gone, I asked for potato salad instead of cole slaw, went home and found slaw in my box anyway. I hate cole slaw. I definitely say that JJ has been consistent. The flavor of the food has been just as consistent as the fact that my side order has been wrong twice. My chicken always tastes the same, and they have my absolute favorite ghetto drink, GRAPE SODA. I mean, a restaurant can’t go too wrong if grape soda is on the menu, right? The price is reasonable as well. I can never finish everything I have, they give whole wings instead of wingettes, and I’m stuffed all for under $6. I can’t be mad at that at all. Overall, I think JJ is a good hood treat and I recommend giving it a try.”

J J’s Chicken & Fish
3916 Fruitridge Rd
Sacramento, CA 95820
(916) 399-8800


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