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By Michael P Coleman

Sometimes, a cliché works!

Earlier this week and after years of market and product testing, KFC has finally entered the faux chicken fray and introduced Beyond Chicken Nuggets, a plant-based alternative to chicken nuggets, available now at locations nationwide and beating Popeye’s to the peck…er, punch. As my longstanding relationship with yard bird is much more than a dalliance — it’s real and it’s deep — I was among the first to hurtle over and scoop up a 12 piece.

The first thing I noticed was the brilliance in the fast food chain’s marketing. All ads show the new Nuggets nestled in one of Colonel Sanders’ buckets, this time festooned in green (presumably to reflect the plants from which this new product is derived).

That’s all the better, to continue the illusion that consumers will be eating a version of the seven-herbs-and-spices-encrusted chicken to which we’ve become accustomed for generations. In actuality, prepare to bring your Beyond Chicken Nuggets home in a nondescript cardboard box.

But if you’re like me, the delivery mechanism for your fried chicken — or “chicken” — isn’t an issue. They could toss those nuggets in a Hefty trash bag if they wanted to, as long as they taste good.

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