By Michael P Coleman

Strolling around downtown Sacramento before a movie at the Crest Theatre, I discovered Mother.  It’s a vegetarian soul food restaurant. 

In a nutshell, Mother serves a muther of a meal.  

I was a vegetarian a decade or so ago, and while I’ve returned to my meat-eating days, I don’t eat nearly as much meat as I used to, and some of the remnants of my former diet still exist.  That said, veggie or not, I only eat things that I enjoy.  No bland ass tofu for me.  Ever.  So hear me when I say this: you will NOT miss the meat at Mother. 

The Chicken Fried Mushroom Po Boy is incredible, although the bun is a little voluminous for me — I wanted more mushrooms.  You will not believe that a cow didn’t give the ultimate sacrifice to put that Carrot Nut Burger on your plate.  The collard greens were good, but a little on the vinegar-y side and a little tough — overall, they made me miss Grandma Coleman’s. 

The stars of the show were the Roasted Brussel Sprouts.  I cannot convey how good they were, so I’ll say this:  during my next visit to Mother, I’m going to take the bun off of the sandwich and eat another order of the sprouts. They are AWESOME.

Mother’s menu is fairly expansive, and the dessert choices sounded decadent, but I didn’t have an inch of room after that meal.  Next time…

Mother’s hours vary, so check their website or call ahead before you head over.  And you don’t have to wait for a movie at the Crest — just go! 

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