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By Michael P Coleman

Now, I’m going to need you to keep this to yourself.

Sure, sure…share this story liberally with family and friends, but please, whatever you do, don’t let news of Patricks Famous Pies get back to my mother.

Patrick’s Famous Pies is baking and selling the best sweet potato pie in the universe.

Hyperbole? Maybe. But since I’ve not been to Jupiter, I’m calling it.

I’m sure founder Patrické Caldwell won’t give away all of the secrets behind his mouth-watering pies — that would be a horrible business model, wouldn’t it? — but it starts with white sweet potatoes.

I bumped into Caldwell at this month’s Northern California Home & Landscape Expo in Sacramento. Our meeting at his vendor booth was truly divine, as I’d had neither breakfast nor lunch that early afternoon. So I had plenty of stomach real estate available to pack in some of Patrické’s pies.

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