Aron King, RN and member of the Capital City Black Nurses Association

By Michael P Coleman

We’re hearing about a coronavirus that won’t retreat, and COVID-19 cases that are higher than they need to be, but what’s not being talked about is the seasonal flu. Unlike past seasons, influenza has not been covered in the mainstream media at all. And although we’re in the middle of peak flu season, this writer doesn’t know a single person who has or has had it this year.

A quick check in with Aron King of the Capital City Black Nurses Association confirms my hypothesis: we’ve pretty much got the flu beat this season!

“My hospital has a pretty detailed dashboard built into our electronic medical record (EMR) system listing numbers for both COVID and influenza (flu) — both suspected and positive,” King told me via email. “We have experienced very low flu numbers [this year] when compared to previous years.”

Read MPC’s full column, and hear more from Aron King of the Capital City Black Nurses Association how how you can steer clear from the flu AND ‘Rona! 

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