Daily Zoom meetings that start way before your coffee has kicked in, moving quarantine drinking time to 3 pm instead of 5 pm and those long blue-light filled nights where you’re desperately beating the clock to meet that before the midnight deadline.

This is what your new normal looks like. Long gone are the days you can where you can grab some popcorn and watch a movie at the theater to unwind during weekends or just spontaneously go out to the grocery to pick up some snacks. The stakes are higher now and you see a couple of people without face masks when you do need to go out, and you thought that was the bare minimum.

Whether you’re currently living with someone who suffers from an autoimmune disease and has a poor immune system, a member of the elderly, or even if you live alone, you have every reason to be more concerned about your health now. In these dark times of a pandemic, your best foot forward is one that errs on the side of caution.

That bad case of the flu you’re having might be something else and your daily exhaustion might have another reason than just the burdens of life in general. If you’ve been showing some symptoms conclusive with COVID-19, here are the steps you should do next.

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