(Photo: Kent D. Johnson, AP)
(Photo: Kent D. Johnson, AP)

For years I’ve used this forum to criticize new and ever-higher ancillary travel fees, particularly from airlines. I’ve also been vocal about fighting for greater transparency of pricing, so consumers are clear what they’ll be paying prior to booking.

So imagine my surprise a few weeks ago when I purchased transportation for my son during spring break, and was hit with what I’ve come to believe is the most egregious fee of all — except it wasn’t imposed by an airline, but by Greyhound.

His $31 online fare was slapped with a $2 “Service Fee,” the type of nickel-and-diming most of us hardly recognize anymore. But once we indicated he was the traveler and I was the cardholder, the price jumped by another $18 — or 58% — due to a “Gift Ticket” fee, which “applies if someone is buying a ticket and not traveling.” So that $31 price was actually $51, and after evaluating our options we had no choice but to accept it.

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