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Modesto’s Blooming Almond Bloom Viewing

By Michael P Coleman

Most know that Washington D.C.’s cherry blossoms get a lot of national love every spring.

But did you know that northern California’s gorgeous white and pink almond blossoms are every bit as bountiful and beautiful?

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Me, either.

Did you know that about 80% of world’s almonds — and 100% of the country’s supply – are grown in California?

Me, either.

And, finally, did you know that a quick scoot to Modesto can result in one of the coolest blooming bloom viewing events this side of the Potomac?

Until just a few weeks ago, me, either!

Upon learning of Modesto’s annual Almond Blossom Cruise earlier this winter, I’ve been a little nervous about the event. This year’s unusually windy, stormy winter, I worried, would thwart each orchard’s attempt at producing beautiful blooms.

Not so! Modesto is looking great! According to the Modesto Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, and this writer’s eyes, our almond blossoms are at peak.

Jump in the car and get over there, and enjoy the sights from the comfort of your car. Use’s map and the Wayfarer audio tour, which narrates the twists and turns you should take, gives info about almonds, and shares stories from locals, all with striking stops and views of a variety of almond orchards.

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You won’t regret taking the time to head over…but make it quick, before Mother Nature shows up, shows out, and banishes this year’s beautiful almond blossoms to memory. There have already been reports of “California snow” sightings, so…

see you down in Modesto soon!


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