by Michael P Coleman

Hot Off The Griddle Is Aptly Named

By Michael P Coleman

As a part of my “year of new,” I recently visited Hot Off The Griddle’s Sacramento location. The mainly breakfast spot is aptly named.

I should correct that: Hot Off The Griddle serves lunch, too — burgers and the like — and I’m sure it’s good. But it couldn’t be better than their excellent breakfast menu.

The omelet (I tried the veggie one) is huge and delicious. The pancake plate paired a more than reasonably-sized stack of fluffy flapjacks with a couple of eggs cooked to order. Their biscuits are homemade, yeasty, and fantastic. I had them add fresh jalapeño (not the brined stuff) to my scrambled eggs, and all of that added up to a breakfast to remember. Everything was very reasonably priced and came to the table very quickly, even though the place was packed that morning.

photo by Michael P Coleman
photo by Michael P Coleman

But none of that was the star of that Saturday morning breakfast show. Fresh Off The Griddle offers many marvelous mimosas. We tried watermelon, huckleberry, passion fruit, cranberry, blackberry, and Jolly Rancher (!). Lest you judge me, I won’t tell you about the number of people in my party to justify those six mimosas. I will say that I take my mimosas very, very seriously. I will also share that Hot Off The Griddle offered other flavors, as well, that will be sampled during my next visit!

photo by Michael P Coleman

If breakfast isn’t your thing, Fresh Off The Griddle offers lunch stuff, too. If the way they do breakfast is an indicator of how they do lunch, they whip up a hell of a sandwich.

According to their website, owners Sean and Jason opened the place in 2017, bringing their more than two decades of restaurant experience to the table. They describe the spot as “bright and open,” and the Sacramento location offers limited outside seating. Visit them at 1583 W El Camino Ave, Suite 103 in Sacramento, or in Orangevale on Greenback Lane.

Or, look them up online first at And if you remember nothing else, commit these next three words to memory:

Jolly. Rancher. Mimosa.


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