The Sacramento African-American Art Collective will host and promote a monthly self-guided tour, every first Saturday beginning February 5th, highlighting the works of Sacramento and Northern California’s African American artists. Launching this initiative will serve to showcase the ethnic diversity of Sacramento’s entrepreneurial community. “Our community is artistically rich. Each venue, including but not limited to (Carol’s Bookstore, Master’s Barber & Beauty Shop, KUUMBA Art Gallery, Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum, and Evolve the Gallery) offers a unique chapter in the story of the African American art experience.

We encourage everyone to come out and support events sponsored by the collective, stated Marshall Bailey, artist and co-owner of The KUUMBA Collective Gallery. The self guided tour is open to the public every 1st Saturday from noon to 9 pm. For more info contact (916) 613-0099 or e-mail


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