Images Theatre Company (ITC) is proud to announce the Legacy Youth Project (LYP), which is being sponsored by AT&T and Union Pacific Railroads. ITC is blending creative writing, poetry/spoken word, and performing arts to open discussions with inner-city youth about the positive impact they can make and the legacy that they wish to leave the world. Images’ Founder/Executive Director Lisa Lacy developed this educational artistic project to increase disadvantaged youth and their families’ participation in, and provide greater access to the arts as well as to facilitate and engage youth in positive dialogue about their future.

Beginning May 1, 2010, youth ages 13 to 21 years began participating in intensive writing and drama workshops led by Ms. Lacy, and Sacramento spoken word artist, Terry Moore. The workshops include teaching writing structures that pertain to poetry, spoken word, and competition slam techniques, as well as acting, voice for theater, movement and other performance skills. The youth shall create spoken word; performance poems and/or essays about the positive legacy that they wish to leave the world. The project will culminate in 3 days of performances by the participants and shall include music and dance. In addition to Master of Ceremony Terry Moore, other guest artists will be featured in the June shows.

The performances are scheduled for June 4 – 6, 2010 at the Guild Theater, 2828 35th Street (35th & B’way), Sacramento, CA 95817. Tickets: $10.00 per person, performance, and may be purchased beginning May 15, 2010 either online at or at Underground Books, 2814 35th Street, Sacramento. For info please e-mail


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