Submitted by Intern Staff Writer, Ashley Powers

The lady who brought us ‘Don’t Take It Personal’ and collaborated with Brandy on the Grammy winning song ‘The Boy is Mine’ is back! Monica has returned with a new album ‘Still Standing.’ We have been able to go on the journey with the diva; as we watched her BET hit show. We got a chance to see the very down to earth R&B songstress in and out of the studio as she handled her day to day duties as a mother, singer and friend. While watching the show, we saw her go through the difficult process of picking a single for the album. Due to the failure of how she introduced her last record, ‘The Makings of Me’ she took her time so the failure will not be repeated this time around.  I will be the first to say that ‘Miss Thang’ is off to a great start. The album carries a song for everyone from those who have been hurt by the four letter L word to those who have ‘it’. I absolutely love the single ‘Everything to Me’, its definitely one for the lovers and the album ‘Still Standing’ is a must-have!


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