Sticking with the diet challenge can be difficult but in these last 4 weeks of my diet challenge, I will be working hard to trim down my waistline and flatten my stomach.  And, so how do I plan to do this? Well first, I’ve got to have more discipline and no more backsliding and cheating on my diet.  That’s going to be hard with the 4th of July coming up. As it’s been very hot and the weather is predicting to continue to get hotter, I will continue to eat more fruits, vegetables and drink PLENTY of water daily!

The waist is the first place to pack on the weight and the last place to lose it. So I will also increase my weight lifting, crunches, and sit ups, When you efficiently begin to burn fat from your entire body, then the size of your waist will start to get smaller.  Your body must burn more calories than you consume.  Click here to access a calorie calculator and figure out your ideal weight, and how many calories you need to consume to lose weight.

I have just 4 weeks left in my diet (end date is July 24th)…can’t wait to measure my waistline at that time!


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