The commander-in-chief passed his physical with flying colors and is “tobacco free”, according to a report released by the White House today. “The president is in excellent health and ‘fit for duty’”, Dr. Jeffrey C. Kuhlman wrote. “All clinical data indicate he will remain so for the duration of his presidency.” The president was a little banged up in his basketball game, as widely reported earlier this year.  Kuhlman found Obama had a “well-healed lower lip laceration”. He also has had physical therapy to deal with back pain and some benign skin tags removed, according to the report. The physical seems to be an improvement from one in March of 2010, when he was criticized for smoking and not eating as healthy as he should. “The bad cholesterol measure was slightly elevated from where it had been previously,” then-White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said. “Obviously, he’s a few years older from when it was last measured.” The President’s small life changes – namely putting out the cigarettes – seemed to have worked well. Read more



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