From the desk of Karen Green, Director of JASAC-Jamaican & American Students Associating through Cultural Awareness

As many of know JASAC celebrated its 10 year mark last year 2009. Over the past 10 years we have had a number of great trips to Jamaica with the youth. Each trip was different and special to me and the other volunteers that help to make it possible. There is nothing more special to me than seeing our youth opening up, sharing in the joys of travel, new friendships, and being givers to other as part of our overall mission works in Jamaica. Sometimes I think I had just as much fun with the youth if not more than they did. You all know that saying about the way to keep young, is to be with the youth, so I am still trying that avenue to keep young, I will let you all look at me and see if it works. LOL!

Each year we had parents asking us to do trips for adults that were similar to what was done with the youth.  Many of the parents of the youth were single like myself and some knew of my previous experience with travel arrangements for the Singles Link. So this year we are launching our new “Purposeful Singles Mission Program to Jamaica” (download more information). Just like the program for the youth, there will be some mission work to be done while in Jamaica for our group of adults.

One of the tasks we will be taking on this year is to put 2010 pairs of NEW schools shoes on the feet of children in Jamaica. Most of the youth in Jamaica need black or brown shoes to match their school uniforms. Some of the youth are free to wear other any color of shoes to school, particular the much younger children. We have a big goal ahead of this year, but we know we can do it with your help. So be a part of our goal and mission for JASAC  this year, let’s not keep a child out of school because they don’t have shoes to wear.

So please share our trip information, and our need for shoes with your friends and churches. Why not set up a collection drive at your school or office. We can help you with that if you are interested.

I hope all of you will think of the shoes needed for the youth in Jamaica and make an effort to donate some shoes this year. We will be collecting shoes from now till July so you can start sending them at any time now, or send a gift card and we will purchase them. Many stores have 2 pairs of shoes for the price of one, consider giving one pair to JASAC when you shop this year. We need shoes for both boys and girls, and in all sizes.

Blessings Always,  I hope to hear from you all soon
Karen Green, Director


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