Don’t miss the premiere of “Studio Sacramento” hosted by Scott Syphax, CEO & President of the Nehemiah Corporation.  This Fri-8/12 watch from 7:30 PM – 8:00 PM on KVIE-Channel 6. News story to feature … How will the new redistricting maps impact who represents you in government? And did the arduous process of drawing new boundaries prove that politics in California can be reformed? Guests Helen Hutchison, Paul Mitchell, and Matt Rexroad discuss this topic with host Scott Syphax.

Studio Sacramento is a new weekly series produced at KVIE that asks questions, invites opinions, and seeks answers for the topics and issues that matter to you right here in the region we all love and call home. Hosted by community leader Scott Syphax, the series will provide insight and depth of conversation that only your public television station can offer.

Each month, one episode is in editorial partnership with the American Leadership Forum – Mountain Valley Chapter, an organization where leaders come together to unite, strengthen and serve, all to benefit our community. Learn more about Studio Sacramento >> read more

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