This special year end edition of my eNewsletter will give you an overview of what I have been doing this past year to represent you and your interests in the Capitol and throughout the state. It
will also highlight my Legislative success this past session as well as my efforts in the Legislature and the community to promote the growth and success of small businesses.

Governor Brown signed or vetoed hundreds of bill this past session, many of which just couldn’t meet the financial test. The ongoing economic downturn in California and throughout the country has forced the Capitol to place revenue restrictions on legislation that makes sense but simply costs more than the state budget can afford.

Still, I am happy to report that 80 percent of my bills were signed into law by the Governor and I will give you an overview later in this newsletter.

I would also like to share with you my continued focus on small businesses. We must ensure opportunities for the businesses and communities in this state that need a voice the most.  I intend to lead the efforts to ensure that the strength of emerging businesses is a continued
focus to assure maximum participation of our communities and constituents.

As a strong advocate for small businesses, I introduced nearly a dozen bills this year that will positively impact small businesses, including a legislative package aimed at guaranteeing participation for California businesses in all stages of building the California High Speed Rail.

These bills will, among other things, set standards for small business involvement in High Speed Rail contracting, require the California High Speed Rail Authority to specifically outline efforts pertaining to small business in its business plan and specify the role that local employees will play in segments of the project.  Read more >>



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