Sierra Health Foundation (SHF) held it’s 25th Anniversary Celebration on Thursday October 7, 2010 where over 300 people gathered on the beautiful patio at their location of 1321 Garden Highway in Sacramento. SHF has adopted “Partnerships with Purpose” where it applies its resources to four fundamental, broad-reaching activities to improve health and well-being in our communities: convening, collaborating, educating and funding, in each area. SHF works with outstanding partners who are as committed as they are. Their mission and vision cannot be fulfilled without them.

Together, they recognize and address important factors that influence ehalth and well-being, such as a person’s education, income, housing, environment, behavior and social networks.  Their partners are diverse — nonprofit organizations, public agencies, businesses and community-based organizations.  They are on the front lines, identifying needs and opportunities to improve health and reduce health disparities in our region.  Their communities are rural and urban, large and small.  They may serve the region, a county, a city, a neighborhood or a specific population.

Since SHF has began grant funding in 1985, they have awarded more than $82 million in cash grants to 839 nonprofit organizations.

To learn more about SHF-Sierra Health Foundation, visit  See photos from the 25th Anniversary Celebration in the Sac Hub Photo Gallery.




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