Photo Courtesy Essence
Photo Courtesy Essence

Let’s be honest – success can be elusive and sometimes harder to figure out than advanced calculus for a 5th grader. Whether you’re working with a team of one or ten — success begins as a simple idea that’s transformed from a problem into a solution. Those who work smarter — not always harder — then create ways to make money around those solutions and sell them for others to purchase. The best create ways for them to purchase over and over again. Ideas come a dime a dozen.

However, it’s no small feat to transform an idea from a hobby or passion to an empire. Each of the three women below are masters of monetization and have created success on their own terms, with each of them grossing well over $1 million in revenues – all from a simple idea, great product, well-executed strategy, and an unshakeable belief in their vision.

Here, they share their secrets of success, to inspire you to build your next million dollar business.

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