by contributing writer Michael P. Coleman
“Larnelle Live In Nashville” is the 5 time Grammy winner and 11 time Dove Award winnerʼs first release since 2005. Upon receiving it for review, I couldnʼt have imagined that, at 66 years old, Harris had retained much of that multi-octave, almost operatic tenor that made him a mainstay on Contemporary Christian radio for most of the 1980s and 90s.
His opening “I Can Be Glad” supported my apprehension, vocally providing just a
reasonable shadow of the original. The 2nd track, “There Is No Equal” packs a similar mini-punch, and the following “Praise Medley” is moving, but overall left me longing for the Larnelle of old.
He shows up with the next track, “The Greatest Of These” from his “I Want To Be A Star” album. His distinctive tone and multi-octave range come through loud and clear, almost as if he had been warming his voice up during the first couple of songs. Once it shows up, it doesnʼt leave.
There are a few missteps during the show, most notably a recreation of a “3 Tenors” segment from Carnegie Hall last year, with Steve Green and Steve Amerson. “It Is Well With My Soul” works well, but the dramatic difference between Harrisʼ amazing range and the two Steves is glaringly obvious on the follow-up, “Kings Of The Earth”. The “Forever True Medley” frustratingly truncates some of Harrisʼ best and most-loved songs, including “In It After All”, “I Can Begin Again”, “Friends In High Places”, and “I Miss My Time With You.” It would have been wonderful to hear him sing the complete versions, especially “I Can Begin Again” which speaks to renewal and possibilities even for those with a little snow on the roof.
Those missteps are forgiven when Harris reunites with soprano Sandi Patty on the new “Then Came The Morning” and their classic “Iʼve Just Seen Jesus”. They still sound absolutely outstanding together.
The DVD features the entire concert, as well as a documentary featuring interviews with some of his professional partners (including Patty). One segment features Larnelle quite candidly recalling a startling experience dealing with racism in a diner in the 1970s. You get a glimpse of the man behind the legend.
Overall, the CD/DVD is a great praise and worship experience, and itʼs good to have Larnelle back. Youʼll smile listening before you start searching for your Larnelle CDs… or cassettes.
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